April 2, 2009

Green Mashed Potatoes

So, at the urging of our local CSA, we've been experimenting with Bittman's Green Mashed Potatoes recipe.

We long for a day we could make home-made bread crumbs.

We work through the recipe each week with the excess greens the CSA gives us (because, the dirty little secret is -- they deliver what they promise, but if the weather is good, you'll probably end up with more than you bargained for...otherwise it would go to waste).

Last week -- this recipe was okay. We served it for guests, more or less according to the instructions, except with some pre-made bread-crubs, some cheddar cheese on top. It was good. But, still... it was just okay.

Tonight, we used the leftover Red Cabbage Recipe deliciousnous, 2 huge russett potatoes, a bunch of dandelion greens, green garlic, pre-made bread-crumbs, smoked gouda, grated pecorino romano, and finally, (FINALLY!) we found a concoction that won both of our hearts upon first exit from the 450F oven and kept 'em happy through the very last bite of melted and browned cheese, browned bread crumbs, toasted dandelion greens, green garlic, leftover cabbage and bacon and onions (which flavored the whole dish), the riced mashed potatoes, and yes, who could forget, the olive oil, the salt and the pepper.

All-in-all -- a wonderfully well-balanced and delicious meal.


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Arvay said...

Mmm potatoes. Mmmmmmmmmashed potatoes.