April 29, 2009

Unrelated Bits

I found myself in a meeting today that made me seriously question why I stayed at the firm. As in why I stayed *today* (for the rest of the day) instead of just giving notice and leaving.

Clearly, I'm overdue for the upcoming vacation and am more than a little burnt out.

I mean, come on. I'd at least give 2 weeks notice. No matter what. My career can't take the hit of the notice and walk. So, I'd have to stay 'til the end of the day and for another 13 days to boot. What was I thinking?

In other news:

Warner Music is picking a fight with YouTube about a video of one of Lawrence Lessig's presentations. This should get interesting.

And finally, I stumbled upon a new blog today that is likely to suck up much of my time tonight when I should be working to clear my plate for vacation (you know, instead of blogging...).


Anonymous said...

I hate my firm. I'm going thru the motions at work but thinking about my next move, possibly starting a bed and breakfast.

Biting Tongue said...

Good for you and good luck in your new endeavors. I don't actually hate my firm. All things considered they are great. I was just approaching burnout.