May 22, 2003

Back to the PDA

I've had 3 Palms. They all broke eventually. When the last one died, I bought a paper calendar and lived quite happily with it for the last year. Now that the year is coming to a close, I have to admit that I have to go to the internet and look up addresses and contact info that I've saved in my email inbox on a fairly regular basis. I also have to admit that the prospect of transferring all of my chicken-scratched plans for the months that this calendar doesn't cover as well as contact information is not something I want to do every year.

So, I've decided to go on a PDA hunt for something that can provide me with most of my wants:

1. Small enough that it isn't significantly larger than my current paper calendar
2. Decent handwriting recognition
3. Calendar, notepad, contacts, calculator
4. A remedial spreadsheet application would be nice
5. Finding a linux-based solution would make me feel warm and fuzzy
6. If I could replace my laptop entirely (browser, 802.11b, text editor) I'd go a little larger--but getting something that esoteric to play nicely on the law school network may be a bit too much to ask for.
7. Not too expensive--depends on the coolness factor, but I'd really rather spend less than $200
8. Something that will last for several years and has excellent customer support

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