May 14, 2003

It seems fitting that the day SuaSponte is done with her 1L year is the day I should begin my blog.

I've been lurking at her site for quite some time, hungrily gobbling every useful morsel of information that she can offer that will prepare me. In the process, I feel as if I've gotten to know her and I've been inspired to start my own blog. Ostensibly, I'm doing it for the next generation of 1Ls-to-be since I'll be starting my 1L year in August. But really, I'm probably just like all the other blawgers, I love to "hear" myself talk.

I put off starting the blog for several months--mainly because I was busy, but also because I couldn't figure out what level of anonymity I wanted to maintain. I even went so far as to download a few blogging packages to my server. One part of me says, "Just take credit for it. It's not like it's possible to maintain the ruse of anonymity when you start talking about details of your life." Another voice reminds me, "You should try to be slightly anonymous. You aren't certain you want to be outed."

Voice #2 won. There's a choice left if I start annonymous. Besides, as the title of my blog should hint, I'm a known sufferer of foot-in-mouth disease. I pay for it enough in the real world. I think I'll enjoy my freedom here.

The rest of the story will arrive in time.

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