May 14, 2003

How it all started

I was laid off from my dot-com in 2001. In hindsight, they did me a favor because I was too lame to quit, but I was pretty sick of it and considering going back to school. Needless to say, getting laid off was not the end of the world.

Of course, they had to do the layoffs on November 15th, 2001 (1st or 15th of the month, Friday, executives in town, all-hands meeting, I can see the warning signs a mile away these days). And, of course, the last day to register for the December 2001 LSAT was November 14th. So, I had to decide between only applying to schools that would accept the February test for the class of 2005, or waiting until Fall of 2002 to apply to the class of 2006. I took the February test, got a new job and

joined the hordes that applied for the class of 2006

From November of 2002 until mid-february of 2003 I received the usual mixture of letters for an overachiever competing amongst my peers--some fat letters, and some thin ones. Like most people applying this year, I was disappointed.

But, I did get in to one of my "I-will-go-there" schools and will be commencing my studies there in the fall. These days, I read student blawgs, work, try to enjoy the last few months of having a regular paycheck, attempt to revel in my freedom, enjoy my social life, and try very hard to do all of the other things that I am guaranteed to miss horribly.

Back to the point: Lately, my days keep me where lady luck saw fit to place me--she smiled greatly upon me after multiple dot-com failures and I managed to get a position doing some semblance of legal work prior to attending law school. I suppose I have my Engineering background and the fact that I'm only allowed near projects where the gritty technical details outnumber the legal details to thank for that.

I think that covers the basics of how I joined the masses of legal people with digital soapboxes.

From the 1-L blogs I read, I am aware that I shouldn't be looking forward to school with much enthusiasm. But, I can't help it--I wish classes were starting now. I'm certain I will curse this post in the future...

So, now that I've successfully procrastinated, I should finish that which I'm avoiding...making dinner, fixing a friend's website, and deciding whether or not opening a bottle of wine is a good idea (I write this because I imagine that the hilarity of what I consider worth avoiding today will amuse me come August/September).

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