May 27, 2003


The California Delta was an excellent foil to my current life. I needed to re-center. Three days of absolutely no responsibilities: just the river, sun, cheap beer, barbeques, family, friends, nature, reading, poker, and dirty feet.

It's amazing how many things I can remember about what is actually important when I spend a weekend like that. When did I forget?

Overheard conversations about "our water," "our fish," "their money," and "their golf courses" gave me new things to ponder. Philosophical conversations with friends and family reminded me of the infinity of questions we can ask ourselves. And sun... I'm such a sun addict. Now I've had my fix and the world seems full of goodness and possibility. I'm going to try to keep a mellow sun buzz going for the rest of the summer.

Back in the office today, when Monday gets to be Tuesday... all the piles aren't so overwhelming. The light tightness in the skin of my upper back reminds me of the indulgence I have taken and I smile. I'll get through 1/3 of what's on my desk today. They'll probably give me another 50% of my total workload to attack before the end of the day. And I'm just grinning...because Thursday gets to be Friday this week, and I already got to be lazy.

On the school front, a letter of acknowledgement of my second deposit arrived. The truth that I begin school in August doesn't feel any more real today than it did in March. I know I've been accepted, and I know I've paid some small bills and filled out some forms, but the actuality of giving up my hobby reading for casebooks has definitely not sunk in. Perhaps when Amazon FINALLY gets me the copy of One L that I ordered, my hobby reading will nudge me into accepting its approaching hibernation.


My books came from Amazon. I'm slammed with a response to an office action, making charts that show how prior art renders claims invalid, and a provisional application that has been sitting in my office for way too long without any attention from me. All I want to do is take the rest of the day off and read my pleasure books. In the sun. {laugh} And that, my friends, is the true danger of a good vacation...

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