May 28, 2003


Who knew that you could get food poisoning from edamame? We had some Costco edamame in our freezer. Our freezer repeatedly defrosted itself during April. We eventually threw out all of the meat and bought a new thermostat. Last night, as an after dinner snack, I ate a plate of stringy, tasteless re-re-frozen Edamame. At 1:30 AM I woke sweating with an incapacitating stomach ache and headache. The rest of the night was tossing, turning, water, taking my temperature, and finally moving to the other bed so as to not wake my love any further. Now I've got a slight headache and some small stomach pain, but I'm relatively fine. Although I fear I may actually be coming down with's starting to hurt to swallow.

I met most of the other Summer Associates today. They are all working out of the main office, so I get to go there for lectures and lunch on training days. It was a nice mellow way to start the day, which was good because I'm pretty worthless today after my oh-so-fun night of edamame madness. Now I'm back in my office, smiling at an office action that's covered in red and working my way through the piles.

Basically, I can't wait to leave work today. A short easy 20-30 minutes of cardio, soup, tea, and lounging on the couch with movies 'til I fall asleep.

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