April 12, 2006

The first of many bar-related blows

I had hoped to run 4-5 races between now and the bar.

One of them came and went -- I didn't run it, too much rain to train for it and then the day arrived and it was a horrid stormy day, so I didn't feel bad for missing what would most likely have been a canceled or muddy trail race.

Today, when I looked at the BarBri class schedule I found out that that my tentative race and workout schedule is hilariously wrong. While BarBri doesn't plan on taking every Saturday AM of my life between graduation and the bar, it does expect me to be there on 3 of the mornings when I'd scheduled races.

So now, I'm down to two races to try to fit in. One is two weekends before the bar and I already told myself that I'd merely train for it to maintain my sanity. If I needed to be home instead of running (which seems quite likely from what I've heard), obviously, I'll skip it. That leaves one last option between now and August: the Saturday after classes end, I'm scheduled for a 14K. I'm training enough to fit it in, distance-wise, but if the weather doesn't clear up soon, I'm guessing it'll be canceled as well.

Somehow, I think this is going to be a very low-mileage year.

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