April 28, 2006


I keep waiting for the fear. I need its comforting cold embrace to propel me to study when I really don't want to. But it's in hibernation and will not deign to visit.

Instead, I've got the lah-di-dahs.

Despite the scheduled day of much studying, I went grocery shopping, ran some errands, got my hair done, went for a walk, and studied about 4 hours total before calling for reinforcements. Thankfully, B is an over-achiever and was willing to come over and share her motivation with me in exchange for a dinner of salad and panini (another item crossed off of the to-be-made-from-the-wedding loot list).

Thanks to B, I think I may have totalled 7 hours. Which is respectable, but ridiculously short of ideal given the whole 5 finals in 21 days thing. The only possible good side to this that I can see (assuming my general lack of motivation keeps up) is that while I may suck ass on finals, at least I shouldn't be too burnt out before it's time to start the bar studies.

Oh, and the low mileage year prediction is truer every day. The race I'd hoped to do tomorrow is sold out. The weather cleared up and runners signed up. Duh. I'm an idiot. So I'll be running solo tomorrow. Assuming I can find the motivation...

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