April 23, 2006

This is your life

1. run 12 miles

2. drive 200 miles

3. listen to all 4 PMBR corporations CDs while driving

4. study corporations in every spare moment of the weekend

5. visit dad (ran errands with him, go over legal paperwork with him, cook for him, pick up prescriptions, and generally comfort him as he recovers from his 3rd round of chemo.)

6. find out that your student note has been accepted for publication

7. go to the dentist for a cleaning and find out that you have 2 fillings that are falling out and need to be refilled.

8. Top it all off by attending a tea party baby shower at an English Tea Cottage -- amaze the pregnant crew with your ability to put away the small sandwiches, petit-fours, mini-quiches, etc. Make sure to eat lots of sugary treats to push the line on the fillings.

I'm not complaining. I actually had a good weekend. I'm just wondering when, exactly, and how, to boot, this became a good weekend. A tea party? A weekend away from the husband? Corporations 'til my ears and eyes bleed? Who am I?

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