April 9, 2006

Weekend Lessons

1. Espresso machine good. Developing espresso addiction easy.

2. There's a reason I'd never heard of gnocchi a la carbonara.

The consistency was all wrong. It was still good (E2 claimed it was in contention for one of my best meals yet), but next time, I'll be sure to make pasta a la carbonara the way it should be made -- with barilla pasta from a box (I'll still substitute venison sausage for pork and bacon, but never again the gnocchi -- it was mush).

3. Community property means that it's not my crème brulée set.

It's our crème brulée set. This means that E gets to open it and play with the butane torch before I need to use it on tonight's dessert. I don't think I'd fully realized the power of community property 'til that moment. I wanted to stop him, to point out that all kitchen gadgets are mine. It was my new toy and I should get to use it first. But before I could open my mouth, I recalled the lessons from this morning's CP review: it was acquired during the marriage, and it was a gift to the couple -- both presumptively and evidentiarily community property. So, I haven't yet used the torch, but E's figured out how to get the flame to a nice 10-inches, which I'm sure will come in handy in the kitchen.

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