January 21, 2004

First Time for Everything

I had to get a refund on movie tickets today. {laugh} Yup. Movie Tickets.

My wednesdays suck. 1 hour of class, early in the morning, and then nothing. If I wasn't a commuter, perhaps this would not be so terrible. But, alas, I am. Add the make-up moot court class that was scheduled for late this afternoon and you have a very unhappy BT.

However, all was not lost since H and I decided to go see Monster during the down time.

But, it was not meant to be. Why? Well... you see, the ticket database hadn't been updated. Our tickets said theatre 5. We went to theatre 5. The movie was late starting. Then we sat through the previews. Then we sat through Destino, which was a nice surprise, but not exactly what we were expecting. Halfway through Destino, H got up to ask if we were in the correct theatre, but couldn't find anyone to answer the question (art movie houses...). Smart guy, that H.

Sure enough. After Destino, The Triplets of Belleville started to play.

The guy at the ticket counter, when confronted with our tickets and the fact that we had missed 45 minutes of our movie said, "Oh, I didn't tell you about the theatre switch because the usher was supposed to catch it and tell you. I'm really sorry..."

So, as near as I can tell, instead of watching a movie, I studied, all because the ticket counter guy wanted to make sure that he didn't usurp the job of the under-performing usher/ticket-ripper.

Not Cool.

Oh well, there's more Wednesdays to come. I'm sure it'll be great when I do get to see it. Given the B+ it garnered from the difficult-to-please and discerning Unfashionable Observations, it's got to be worth the wait.

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