January 1, 2004

Phase One: Complete

I survived and thoroughly enjoyed the first half of my winter break. A whole month of vacation! I'm back in love with law school again. Sure, finals sucked, but they were worth the entire month off.

The laziness, relaxation, and social life of the first phase included many wonderful things. I am fat and happy.

1. Read great brain candy books that had nothing to do with law:

  • American Gods by Niel Gaiman. I grabbed it just before finals because I saw that it won the Hugo, Nebula, Locus (I used to subscribe, cool rag) and Bram Stoker Awards--I figured with that list of accomplishments, either the book was really good or there was a huge sci-fi/fantasy award conspiracy I should know about. It was really good. Fast plot, tight writing, excellent historical tidbit droppings, all the makings of fine brain candy.

  • The Passions of Artemisia by Susan Vreeland. Italy. Art. Hints of the Italian Language. The drama of a difficult and dedicated life. All the things that are so sorely lacking from my law school experience.

  • The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I figured I should at least know what everyone is talking about. Yup, it too had all the great trappings of an escape. Everything I've ever read about using the device of plot and managing the flow of a story was pulled off perfectly in this book. I read most of it on the last day of last year and I started the new year by waking in a post-party-daze and finishing the last 4 chapters.

2. Attended 2 parties and a psuedo-party where a bunch of alumni met up to watch our alma mater win a bowl game at my dad's favorite local deli/bar (we sang, yelled, drank, and celebrated, it was glorious).

3. Caught up with old friends.

4. Ate too much rich food.

5. Attended a wedding.

6. Slept, a lot.

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