January 27, 2004

Tuesday... off to both a bad and good start

The bad:

Despite leaving 20 minutes earlier than my best time ever on a commute, and well within my "I-can-expect-to-arrive-in-time-to-get-tea-before-class" range, I arrived at school 15 minutes after class began. Stupid Smarch weather.

Yeah, 15 minutes into a 50 minute class is too late to walk in, even for me. What's worse, I gave a ride to my friend T who's never been late or missed a class (yeah... I'm impressed). Until today, that is. I showed up 10 minutes late at T's house because I thought I had plenty of time... First bad judgment call of the day. Here's to hoping it's the last.

The good:

The portion of the Patriot Act that governs charitable gift giving and suffers from some pretty severe vagueness, was declared unconstitutional by a Federal District Judge in Los Angeles. Now that's something.

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