January 1, 2004

Phase Two: T minus one day

Now that I'm relaxed and rejuvenated, I'm ready for the hard core portion of my vacation. Tomorrow, R and I leave for 10 days in Egypt. Should be fascinating, difficult, educational, and full of great stories. It didn't seem real to me that I was actually going until this morning when I was practicing Arabic phrases. Laughing at myself for my shower linguistics (some people sing, I speak in tongues) I realized that in less than two days, instead of having to repeat after CDs in my car, speaking in the shower, and babbling at friends who politely pretend that they are interested in what I'm trying to say, I would be able to practice these phrases with actual people who might understand me.

So, yeah. I'll be MIA for a while, doing cultural things, eating food, seeing sights, and hopefully, making a few friends.

Another bonus is that while I'm bummed to be away from E for so long, I'm over the hump. More than half of our time apart has passed and the remainder should fly by quickly as I'm traveling.

I'll collect the best stories from my trip for a monster post when I return.

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