January 15, 2004

Game On

Vacation is officially over. I showed up for class today without an ounce of information. I relied on my classmates for briefings on the assignments, textbooks, room numbers, and more. I couldn't believe that there are actually students who would willingly give up days of their vacation to come back to school early in order to take care of bidness. But, I'm glad that they exist. They certainly make my life easier.

The new players in my life are:

Professor Kind -- Criminal Procedure, it doesn't seem fitting that the instructor should be someone who seems like such an all-around GOOD GUY, but that's how it worked out. 4 hours a week of rape, murder and theft, all brought to me by a fellow who went out of his way to talk about his personal life and then took about 10 minutes to disparage the grading system, telling us to buck up if we got Cs and to stop thinking we're cool if we got A's, because really, it's all about how good you were on that given day. I like his approach.

Professor Tax -- Federal Income Tax, he's dry, as expected. He's also very big on efficiency and won't be calling on students to give the facts of the case because, "why? when I can do it faster and we can get on to interesting discussions..." The math is a welcome addition to my life, but he claims it's only arithmetic. Bummer...

I fell asleep in contracts today, which provided two of my section-mates with plenty of entertainment, or so they told me afterward. Happy to help. I think I'm on the last bit of my jet lag. So, I'm off to watch simpsons and make an early night of it. Here's to hoping tomorrow I'm less tired.

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