October 29, 2003

Apologies in Advance

I've got too much to do. This week--the combination of chores, social events, preparing for the holidays (ah, the multi-stage travel plans for winter break and details of thanksgiving at our house...), school, trying to work out at least twice this week, and additional school stress/crap/work because the final memo for LWR and final exams are quickly approaching--I'm feeling very stereotypically 1-L-ish.

Tomorrow AM, for example, I have to rise and be out of the house before 7:30 in order to stop by the house of friends to pick up chairs we lent them for their housewarming, then the commute in rush hour traffic to meet with my LWR prof about my memo (2nd one, should I rewrite, 3rd one, how's it looking?), then my regular day of classes from 9:30 - 3:30, possibly a quick drink with some school friends, commute home, read 'til 7:30 PM, get presentable and go out to dinner with E to celebrate 3 years of blissful togetherness.

Friday, well, there's school, a meeting for the do-gooder club I joined (where I'll either have to admit I did nothing of the task I was assigned or somehow squeeze it in), and then handing out candy to the kids from our very non-decorated, non-festive house. Our neighbors have an entire display--multiple spider webs, mummies, a TV (working!) that the mummies are watching in the front yard. Down the street, they stuffed some pants, added some shoes and put the waist on the ground. Looks like someone is buried head first up to the belt. Awesome!

This weekend, I'm hoping to catch up--as in start outlining, finish some more chores, take yet another crack at my memo...Some of my fellow students will be taking an "Exam Writing System" course this weekend. I'm opting out. I'm also very curious what they will cover. Curious enough that I feel hypocritical for opting out--although I suppose even if I wanted to take it I wouldn't have time. I suppose I'll have to keep myself happy with advice I've gathered from friends who've been through this already and the general approach preached by Getting to Maybe.

And with that, I bid you adieu. See you soon, I hope.

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