October 1, 2003

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

With the first day of October comes the realization that there's only two months of classes left until classes are over and finals are here. Weird. 6 weeks in and 9 weeks left, including two graded LWR memos (the first of which is approaching rapidly, fun) and lots of outlining. That was fast. You'd think with 6 weeks down, Ken would have proven to actually be a nice guy (far from the truth), Ms. Cute-Loud would have shown up at least one day without the glam, professor rate would have evolved in her verbal tick, and I'd have more to report. But, I don't.

In fact, if anything Ken, is turning out to be a bigger a**hole than most of us imagined. Initially, I tried to defend his social idiocy when he wasn't around and people were talking sh*t. But then one day I, too, was attacked by him. And he just continued to make offensive comments and talk at people when they attempted to better understand his point. Sorry buddy, no more defense from me.

In other news, the word of the day is Contumacious. It's a pretty good word.

con·tu·ma·cious ( P ) Pronunciation Key (knt-mshs, -ty-)

Obstinately disobedient or rebellious; insubordinate.

contu·macious·ly adv.
contu·macious·ness n.

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