October 10, 2003

What a Week!

The work load was particularly brutal this week. The final draft of our memo is due Monday, and several of my classes have hit topics that are more complex than anything we've covered up to this point. My workout schedule took quite a hit this week. But, thankfully, I was able to fit in a quick workout between classes today that let me join my classmates at the bar after school. Usually, I'm in a hurry to get away from school in order to fit in a workout and relax in the sanctuary of home. But, today, I was feeling social, and glad that I went. I learned at least 5 new names, which for me, is amazing. I met people I'd never seen, and most of 'em were cooler than the average stress cadet I encounter on a daily basis. Again, I suspect there is a positive correlation between law students' willingness to toss back a few drinks and my enjoyment of their company.

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