October 15, 2003

Technology, can't live with it...

My desktop hard drive is dying. Intermittently, it likes to crash. Horribly. As in "I can't find the kernel file, I can't boot" type crashing. Both Windows and Linux are dead when this happens. After it cools, it seems to work for a while. So, I took the side of the case off and am letting it breath easy in the end of its life. But, the functioning period is decreasing in average time--shortly it'll average 5 minutes, no doubt. So, cross your fingers for me and hope that I get my backups across the network before this functional period runs out.

I'm off to write a sample exam answer for professor rate. I also hope the computer doesn't crash before that's done and printed. Wish me luck.

P.S. Chilled avocado soup is the bomb.

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