October 18, 2003

Next Semester

I got my first choice elective. Tax. I think it's because no one wants to take tax. I didn't hear a single person in my section (besides me) say that they were going to take it. Sounds like comfortable dorkdom to me.

Unfortunately, next semester's schedule is not as cool as this semester's. 9:40 class M-F. Given the commute, and my desire to sleep in, this is not a good thing. On Wednesday, I will have one class. At 9:40 AM. What do you suppose my attendance record for that class will be? It's very hard to justify getting up and driving for twice as long as I'll be in class.

On the plus side, I don't have any classes that go beyond 3:30 PM and I will get out of class at 1:40 PM on Fridays. Of course, I have no idea where moot court fits in this whole thing, so my celebrations could be early and incorrect. Let us hope this is not the case.

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