October 23, 2003

Breathing Easier

The breakneck pace I kept up this week paid off--I'm basically in the clear for the week. I have relatively little reading tonight, two classes tomorrow, and I've finished all of the ridiculous research for my LWR Memo draft that's due on Monday. I decided my knees needed 3 days off, so starting tonight and through the weekend (while I'm blissfully relaxing at a friend's parent's vacation house), I've restricted myself from all running and hiking (but I'll probably get talked into a bike ride, which I'll enjoy). I already warned all who will be at the weekend retreat that I'll be arriving with law school books. It seems I'm in good company since at least one of the professionals admitted to bringing work. I hope to pound out a decent memo and most of next week's reading between sips of cocoa, gourmet meals, wine, biking, Pictionary, Uno, great conversation, and of course, enjoying the sun and lake.

This afternoon, I baked a cheesecake for the weekend. First one. Looks pretty decent, but what a weird process--I had no idea what went into one of those things. The first cheesecake maker must have had one hell of a muse... Speaking of muses, I'm amused that besides enjoying blogging, tech stuff, and law stuff, many of my fellow blawgers are also food geeks.

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