May 26, 2004

Drifting Away

I had a week to finish everything before I start work.

Most of the week is gone. Most of everything is not done. But, boy, am I well rested, and have we had some good food.

Now, unfortunately, reality is kicking down my door. So, today I managed to motivate and take care of a big chunk of the to-do list.

The largest thing that MUST be completed before heading off for a weekend holiday of central Californian ocean, food, and wine bliss? Cite-checking and cite-fixing my write-on memo. Unfortunately, I've finished the writing, so I'm not that pressed for time. This means that I can't really get up the gumption to do the boring cite-related crap. I was hoping that writing about it would somehow motivate me to attack it and get it over with.

Looks like No. Oh Well. I'm sure I'll finish it before the deadline...

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