May 5, 2004

Well, that was ridiculous!

Professor Civ Pro is a fan of a steep curve. This doesn't freak me out as much as some of my fellow students because I come from an undergrad program with a required mean of 2.7 and a group of professors who believe that if someone gets 100%, the test did not fully allow people to express the extent of their knowledge. I actually have gotten 20% right on exams and gotten a B on them.

I'm not sure how I feel about that philosophy. When I'm prepared and having a good game day, I think I like it. But, I've had other days where it sucked. It's no fun to work your ass off in preparation for an exam where an A is 50%. Walking out of an exam knowing that you had no clue about 50% of the questions does a number on anyone's confidence. But, in all fairness, so does life. If you know you're going to feel stupid before you go, it's not so bad. I think I also compare this extreme to the other extreme where the curve is required and the exam is too easy, so a 93% is a B-. I'll take the impossible exam over a couple of mistakes making me average any day.

So... yeah, I waver on the issue, but secretly, I suspect if I were a professor, I'd write really hard exams too. That makes me an asshole in the assessment of most of the people who left professor Civ Pro's exam today. He promised to be out of the zip code and people took advantage of the 1st amendment and his absence accordingly.

The exam was long, hard, and close to impossible. If I remember, I'll post the averages, raw and curved, when they come back to me, because I suspect they'll be amusing (like a 40% on the essays is the going bet for average). C's laptop served me quite well, I did my stuff, wrote what I could, felt pressed for time, realized I got some stuff wrong and didn't have time to fix it, also realized that I pegged some hard to recognize stuff, and generally, didn't have any clue that time was flying by.

It's done. It's a relief. Here's to hoping luck is on my side!

I'm doing NOTHING related to law school tonight. Tomorrow, it's back to the same: long run, study, study, study, yoga (if I can fit in in) tea, and bed.

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