May 8, 2004

Lost Something

Yesterday, I had a "Law School has really f*cked me up" moment.

Professor Crim had invited students out for drinks. I actually thought my time would be better spent studying. Mind you, this is after 6 hours of studying and an hour and a half review session. Thankfully, H wanted to go and I came to my senses.

We went. It was fun.

A few short months ago, I used to understand that drinks/social occasions with co-workers and colleagues were important and fun. I used to make an effort to join people for drinks after work. I understood that more work was accomplished when people felt that they had a connection to you. I understood that feeling friendly towards the people I work with went a long way towards making the work day pleasant. I knew that I could learn things over drinks that I would never have an opportunity to learn in the office.

How did law school make me forget that?

Whatever. I remember it now. I enjoyed talking to the students that went and hanging out with the professor.

My new laptop arrived yesterday. I was going to wait until after my next exam to open it and play. I think I lost that battle. [runs off to open the box...]

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