May 2, 2004

Enjoying Myself?

I'm shocked to find that this time around, during the reading period, I'm having a good time. I think I might even be able to keep it up.

[grin] of course, it's only been one day, technically, but that first day set quite a pleasant tone...

Yesterday, I slept in, ran 6 miles, got burritos with E, bought my grandmother a mother's day card, studied at at home and at H's house for 8 hours or so, ate defrosted turkey stew for dinner with E, had a couple of beers, watched the Simpsons and was in bed by Midnight.

Today, I got up after 9+ hours of sleep, ran 4 miles, and expect the rest of the day will be similar to yesterday.

I don't hate studying. And, I actually enjoy taking exams, I always have. So, I suppose I'm predisposed to enjoying finals. But mainly, I think my happiness stems from the combination of:

1. no classes 'til August
2. the freedom to make my own schedule
3. the freedom from fear of the unknown that gripped me during last semester's exams
4. and of course, the sun

So, I've got a list of stuff I must get through between now and my first exam (both work and required 8 hours of sleep each night). It's entirely reasonable to get through it with at least a day to spare. I'm planning on filling the remaining time with some of the items off of a longer list of stuff I could get through if there is time, and my list of activities for myself (like running, cooking, facial?, massage?, pedicure?, the list is infinite). My tentative schedule looks like I should be able to fit in some things from both.

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