May 5, 2004

Game Day

I'm up. I'm out of bed. I'm exhausted.

My windows partition died yesterday morning. I took it as a sign and ordered the dream laptop I've been salivating for.

Unfortunately, that did not solve my more immediate problem. What about today's exam? (I wasn't too upset, I was very thankful that it didn't die DURING the exam.)

So, last night, I took an hour and a half off studying to drove to and from C's house and steal the junker PC that she bought to take the bar (she's a mac-head). I spent another hour at home installing the crappy exam software (which most certainly contributed to the freak-out of my windows partition), making certain the external floppy worked, rebooting into and out of secure mode and convincing myself that this machine would NOT die on me.

Now, I've got about 3 hours 'til I need to go to the exam, and honestly, I'm too tired to do any more. I feel like I hit brain-saturation, and anything I add to my brain now will come at the expense of something else it pushes out. But, that probably won't stop me from trying...

Think good thoughts for me if you happen to see this before 4:30 PM PST.

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