May 23, 2004

Reverse Sublimation Phase

As you know, I was in finals mode 'til last Tuesday. Basically, I was vapor. I existed everywhere and nowhere, I had no real substance that my friends or family (or even myself) could depend on. I honestly didn't know what day of the week it was on most days. Since Tuesday, I've been transforming back into a normal solid-phase human, bit-by-bit.

Tuesday night, a small piece of me solidified during dinner out with friends (and wine) to celebrate the end of my last final.

Another piece returned the next day at the salon while I relaxed through a massage, facial and pedicure, courtesy of E. (If you're wondering what to get a recently finished finals-taker, a massage is THE answer, they will adore you for it!)

Additional bits of myself have returned after long bouts of restful sleep, relaxing on the couch with my pleasure book, finally cleaning the house, having the first barbeque of the summer, and spending a day doing absolutely NOTHING with my best friend (slept in, walked to brunch, walked home, showered, walked to tea, walked home, read our books in silence, had more tea, took a nap, and had dinner).

This weekend, I managed to be in good enough shape to deal with my family for extended periods of time--an undertaking which is always rewarding, but invariably exhausting. However, I was back to my usual sarcastic role in the family and watched with pride as my little sister officially graduated from college.

And now, I think I'm more-or-less officially recovered from 1L finals. This is good because I've got this huge packet full of cases and statutes and facts. I'm supposed to use it to write a memo in an attempt to qualify to be a member of one of my school's academic journals. I've had it for close to a week now. I believe tomorrow is the day to begin. Yeah, that's it. Tomorrow.

In theory, I could try to grade on and not participate in the writing competition (if I believed my grades were in the top 1% of my class). But, even if I was that good of a student, and didn't doubt the grading system at all, I'd still have to trust that there was nothing that could possibly knock me out of the top 1%. I doubt that anyone who actually wants to be a member of a journal is that confident. So, regardless of who does grade on when our grades come out AFTER the competition is completed, virtually everyone who wants to be on an academic journal will be making their way through the packet over the next week if they haven't started to do so already.

So, given that this is how I'm spending my week off between work and school, I'm thankful that my sanity and solidity have returned. I'm also thankful for memorial day weekend, which promises to bring travel, ocean, and wine tasting. Now, to finish that memo before the weekend...

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