May 15, 2004

More Dreams

As I've mentioned before, I have f*cked up dreams when the rats on the treadmill in my head are racing.

Most of this semester's finals dreams have been predictably wierd and boring, but not particularly memorable.

Until last night...

Somehow, my brain thought that after roughly 8 hours of contracts and almost a week after the crim exam, a good thing to dream about would be the crim exam. And how I completely blew it. As in messed up the entire exam for everyone...

...fade in...

Proctor: Who is going to get these completed crim exams to the professor?

bt: [raises hand] I'll do it.

[All students throw exams into the bed of bt's Ford F150.] (mind you, I don't really have an F150, but apparently my subconscious wants one that is big, dirty, with huge mud tires, and, of course, yellow?)

faceless student (you know how people in your dreams are faceless?): You *have* to come with us!

bt: Of course I do. [bt drives to karoake bar with fellow faceless students]

[bt drinks and laughs and feels guilty about time that should be spent on contracts studying]

group of faceless students: come on, you know you want to...

bt: fine. I'll do it.

[bt sings karoake] [badly]

[bt leaves the bar at daybreak, sees the exams in the truck bed and freaks out]

bt (to self): oh, my god, I've got to get these exams to professor crim....

[bt screeches around several nameless corners to arive at professor crim's house]

professor crim: I've been waiting for you all night. You cheated, didn't you? I know you copied the best answers.

bt: No. I swear. I didn't.

professor crim: Oh, I'm supposed to believe that you just kept them all night for fun? And that everyone's answer is completely unaffected by an absence from my house of more than 3 times the exam time? How do I know you didn't all conspire against me?

[bt jolts awake]

...fade out...

What the hell?

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