May 10, 2004

Two Down, Two to Go

Well, Crim is done. I've giving myself about 20 hours to recuperate 'til I have to start studying again and I think I'm going to need them all.

I walked out of the exam very disappointed. Crim wasn't supposed to be like Civ Pro where I knew the exam was going to be ridiculous and expected to be pressed both for time, and for the ability to find anything to say that was worthwhile. The previous exams from this professor led me to believe that I'd have ample time and the ability to address each of his questions. The trick to this professor was clarity. Or so I thought.

Turns out that this exam was harder than any of his freely available previous exams. (Or, perhaps it wasn't in which case I'm in worse trouble than I thought.) But, time was of the essence. In a MAJOR way. I finished the first portion of the exam with well over a half an hour to spare, which I donated to the essays. I did spot a bunch of issues and outlined a great answer (or so I thought). But despite the time spillover, I didn't have time to address all of the issues I spotted. I had to make judgment calls about what to include and leave out. I had to decide whether it was worth going in depth or giving cursory reference to the fact that I spotted the issues. It doesn't matter what I decided, I knew I could have done better had I had enough time.

I walked out of the exam certain of only one thing: the points I know I lost for not covering issues I had spotted but couldn't get to. I avoided the two sentence approach I had used in Torts because this professor had indicated that cursory statements were basically worth nothing. But, man, it sucks to know something is an issue and not be able to address it.

Ugggh... frustration. Oh well. Time to get over it. Two more in the pipeline.

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