August 25, 2003

Excellent start

It's Monday. At 6:30 AM, I arrived at the golf course (armed with bug repellant, a lesson learned from the last early morning game) played 9 holes and came home. I still have several hours before my first class today and I'm done with all of the reading that is due today. I think I'll take E to work in a few minutes and then head off to school (which is air-conditioned) in order to escape the heat at home. Oh, yeah, I'm also going to school early because I want to study (raaaiiiigghhhttt....).

I am happy to see that like me, Dylan plans on taking his SO more seriously than law school. I'm also happy to see the back up on this position from Beanie and JCA. I feel lucky to have my priorities straight enough to know that E is more important to me than my {gasp} career.

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