August 18, 2003

It started well

A sunny day. A rarity. An auspicious start, as one of the (seemingly infinite) speakers claimed. The sessions, as I previously mentioned, were mainly boring, long, and full of vocal repetition of the information contained in the handouts.

Quote of the day:

There is absolutely no reason why I need to be sober for this. - a sage in my section, on law school orientation

I made fast friends with at least two people in my section. Given my general people pickiness, I couldn't help but be impressed. Should be interesting to see how long the morning-after glow lasts. All in all, I came home quite happy (perhaps the champagne reception had something to do with that...) with the people and professors that will be taking up the majority of my time this year. I even managed to wait through the lines for ID card photos and books without any major mishaps or idiotic comments to post to the blog (bummer 'bout that...).

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