August 28, 2003

Law School Rant Numeros Cinco y Seises

Before I go do my reading ahead of time like a good little A-type who expects to thoroughly enjoy vacation, I must rant.


The lack of a campus is going to really annoy me by the end of the semester. What am I talking about, forget December, it already annoys me. For a school of our size, the "campus" is severely lacking in locations to study with varying levels of noise. Actually, it's just severely lacking in real estate, period. Back to the study locale rant: I have tried several of the more chill study rooms, as my LWR TA referred to them. Trust me, the only thing chill is the apparent ice-cold personality of the silent students working dilligently in those rooms. I just want a place to plop down, eat my lunch, do some reading, maybe chat a bit... you know, a space to call my own for a few hours between class. In the study rooms, I feel as if I'd be drawn and quartered for chewing too loudly. And, I'm not that classy. I just might chew too loudly... you know?

If they didn't want me to kill time between classes at school, the least they could have done was place the classes sequentially in my day. Then I could read/study/what-not at home. But no.... they pick your schedule when you are a 1-L, and they force you to spend big chunks of time between classes with nothing to do except study. Presumably this is for the student who have negative will power. The campus is a great deterrent to negative will power: well... I could waste time, but then I'd have to look at the non-existant campus. Or, I could go outside to the dismal weather and unsavory neighborhood. I guess I could just do my reading. On the floor in the middle of this hallway, since there's no other free space where I can make any noise and study concurrently.


OCI is a great thing. I'm glad that 2Ls and 3Ls get to interview on campus. But when your school is dealing with the issue explained above, and the room for OCI contains one of the bathrooms that you regularly frequent... well, let's just say, it stinks of poor planning. How can they get away with cordoning off the bathrooms when they set the location for interviews? How is this legal?

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