September 1, 2003

Labor Day Rocks

So, I did take my law school books. But, I didn't read them at the lake, only on the plane. Instead of drudging through contracts, I spent my free time devouring Love in the Time of Cholera in both the sun and the drizzle and thunderstorms that came every afternoon. For those who are interested, Love in the Time of Cholera was excellent. I'm wondering when I'll get a chance to enjoy more of Marquez's work. I dream of writing stories with characters that live and breath as heavily as his do. Perhaps winter break will find me recovering from finals with One Hundred Years of Solitude.

On Saturday, E's family, friends and I rafted down the Chattooga, with each of us making the joke of whistling the theme from Deliverance at least once.

The rest of the time was spent relaxing on the dock, in the boat, in the screen porch, or one of eating, drinking, and sleeping. Not a bad way to bid the summer farewell.

So, now I have to hope that I did enough reading to keep ahead of my section--with my luck, I didn't and I'll get called on tomorrow. Oh, and one of the people who joined us this weekend is a 2L at UGA on moot court and law review. He asked in mock shock (and yet sort of serious at the same time), "You're not reading for pleasure are you? School's started, right?" Whatever...only time will tell how it all comes out in the wash, but so far, I think I've decided that the hardest part of law school is not turning into a stressed out maniac. Sua Sponte appears to have my back on this issue, but I'm not certain I buy her "you will do better on exams than I did" argument. I'm guessing that those 1Ls like myself who are (or at least give off the appearance of being) chill won't kick the gunners' butts, because we don't think it's worth it. Too much effort for not enough reward. I'd rather have free time, a life, and maybe make some contacts by being a nice, rational, respectable member of my community. I'll let you know how that works out for me. But my guess is that I won't be transferring up in the world, and it's too early to call the coin toss on law review. But hey, you never know. Stranger things have happened. I'm in law school, for example.

Speaking of law school and vacation, I need to work out...vacation is great for the soul, but not so much for the body. I think I solved the "huge breaks in the middle of my day" problem--I'll just work out during that time. Sure, I could study, if there was a place to do it. But even so, why would I work all day over books on someone else's schedule when I'm a student and my day is mine to schedule as I please. I might as well take advantage of the freedom while I have it. I know from experience that it won't last.

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