September 8, 2003

I'm not as bitter as I seem

Or, maybe I am. But, I swear, I'm quite pleasant when I make a sincere effort. Or so I like to believe.

LSR Rant No. Nove:

I've realized that in LWR, I'm quite negative. I just hate it. Those two hours kill me. Again, we did the "read one sentence per person until the fact pattern is finished" thing. It hurts me. I feel the LWR should be something like the basic English requirement in college. There should be a topic and a memo requirement given over the summer. If you wish, you can attempt it, and if you do reasonably well, you don't have to take the course. It's only if you fail miserably or choose not to undertake the memo that they subject you to the lectures, which, conveniently, wouldn't have to be altered, since they already pander to the student that has no exposure to legal research or writing.

The good news is, I'm practicing looking interested while actually being totally bored, which I hear will be a useful skill while sitting through depositions.

There's a Dilbert where Dilbert says something along the lines of "Our relationship is so much easier now that I've realized I can code in my head while you're talking," to his female counterpart. That's how I feel in LWR. Only I can't code in my head. Oh... how I wish I could.

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