September 21, 2003

One of them

Well, my dedication to chill wasn't as strong as my desire to do well. I spent several hours at work with E (project deadline coming up, so at least we're in the same boat), enjoying the silence and pounding my head against the rules of Civil Procedure. Why? Because I realized that most of my classes cover concepts. Big, amorphous, wrap your head around it and let it swim, concepts. Those don't require memorization. Or strict attention to detail. But, Civ Pro--oh, yeah--those rules are going to require memorization, at least the more important ones. So, I hunkered down with my books and my laptop and forced myself to learn all of the rules we have covered thus far. I feel much better about what I know. I feel slightly less cool about the reality of school encroaching on my weekends. They are sacred. Given that my memo for LWR isn't complete yet and it's due next week, I'll probably be doing law school stuff today, as well.

But, I suppose I did promise to give up one weekend per month. This week makes me think it may end up being more than that. Oh well. When in Rome...

In all fairness, I didn't actually give up my weekend. I've fit in a Friday night at home with E, consisting of a delicious homemade dinner, conversation, and cuddling while watching 2010: They Year We Make Contact (thank goodness E's a dork too!). In addition to the study session, yesterday included a Saturday morning run, dinner with friends, a party, and ending the night in a hot tub overlooking the San Francisco Bay from the serenity of the Oakland Hills. There's still an entire day left in my weekend for a bike ride, chores, and my LWR memo. So, I suppose I've done a good job of working my law school stuff into my existing life, but I REALLY prefer my weekends to be islands of fun and relaxation. Something to strive for, I guess.

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