September 16, 2003

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride...

So, no doubt, you've all heard that the fun in California is up in the air. We have to see whether an appeal is given cert before the 9th circuit en banc, or the Supreme Court before it's certain, of course, but I'm concerned that some of my favorite would-be politicians (see Sunday's post) may lose their momentum if they have to wait 'til next March. Then again, perhaps they'd be allowed to submit entirely new statements for the new booklet. Here's to hoping it's more fun for all and not chaos gone wrong (instead of laughable chaos, which is what it's been so far).

Today, after my short day of classes, I had plans to run errands, eat lunch, hunker down with my torts reading, and just when my eyes are beginning to glaze, I planned to head off to the gym for a hard workout followed by a yoga class. But, something wasn't working for me. I was tired. I barely finished my errands before I realized the wonderful truth: I can take a nap before doing my reading. So, I did. No sense is living like a ball-and-chained employee when I'm not one. Here's to what may be a lovely precedent of productive Tuesdays that include a nap. Did I mention that school rocks?

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