September 10, 2003


So, I think I've decided on what other stuff I'm going to do during 1L. I also think I know why they give you so much seemingly free time. It's so that everyone and their brother can found at least one student organization and be a member of another half-dozen. So, following in that vein, I've decided to belong to three organizations:

1. A social club. Entirely social. I haven't locked in this one, but several exist, I figure I'll try a few and choose one. Probably one that involves wine. (As if that's a limiting issue for law students who socialize.)
2. A pro-bono, feel good, do something good with my free time to make me feel like a useful human being organization. This one requires a decent time commitment, but it'll be worth it.
3. The IP Organization.

I believe I can handle all of these as well as my coursework and my newfound commitment to working out. I'll let you know how it goes.

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