September 6, 2003

Happy Things

Friday, I woke early to catch public transit so that I could finish my reading. The trip was roughly 80% longer than driving, but I did finish the reading, and made it to class unharmed by the experience.

After a short day of class, 5 section-mates and I went to lunch, had a few beers and talked. We also watched one of the many star wars boy clips. I had fleeting thoughts of my previous life (where my time was at a premium) where pints with lunch was an uncommon occurrence--only slightly less common than a good lunch with 6 interesting people. After the pints, our group joined forces to research our LWR memo. Everyone was helpful and the pervasive streak of competitiveness in my section that drives me insane was nowhere to be found. I will be spending more time with these people. I suspect that there is a linear correlation between thinking lunch with at least two pints on a friday is a good thing and not being possessed by the devil.

Unfortunately, my trek home on public transit took 2.2 times more time than driving. Given the fact that public transit is approximately 80% more expensive than gas and parking, and that I could have just left at the same time in the morning to arrive at school early and finish my reading, I think my desire to take public transit has died.

Even the argument that I can study the entire commute, instead of just during the saved time loses steam when I acknowledge that the quality of studying on trains/buses/streetcars is far worse than what I'd accomplish at home or in the library. Much like the hippy lawnmower escapade, I again have found that the environmentally friendly solution is too impractical to work. I'm sure someone would argue with me, "you think that's impractical, try not breathing." Yeah, they'd have a point. But, I've crossed the logical line where I can justify taking public transit.

I plan on finishing Monday's reading on Monday before class. So, if it continues as planned, this weekend will be nothing but a few chores, fun with friends, running, biking, a deliciously lazy lunch in the sun with E and a half-bottle of valpolicella, parties, barbeques and movies. Not bad.

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