September 4, 2003

Law School Rant Numero Ocho

Paternalism. Must they baby-step us through everything? Does LWR really need to walk us through a library orientation? An attendance is obligatory orientation? Do we honestly need someone to spoon-feed every little bit of information from the process of research? Did I really sit through the reading of a fact pattern sentence-by-sentence in a room full of ostensibly bright people, each of us taking turns like it was 5th grade reading class? Are they unaware that all of the reference books in the library have introductions that explain their use? Why isn't there any emphasis on figuring things out for yourself, with optional events for people who would like more instruction.

So, yeah, I'm hating the fixed schedule, the coddling, and the useless hours locked on campus. "Do your reading," people say. Umm... it's done. There isn't that much reading to do. Maybe I'm missing something, but it sure doesn't seem like it. I'm also starting to dislike many of my fellow students. Could they be any more annoying? It seems like there's a competition to see who can make the most ridiculous statement about how hard they are currently working, and what they've done in the past. Do I really care about your resume? Do I want to hear your uninformed opinion? Uggghhh.... I guess I'm just bitter right now--probably because I fear I'll get sucked into the culture and start spouting off my qualifications and uninformed opinions in order to shut others up. Because, I, like them, think I know more than anyone else. What a sick bunch of idiots we are. Thank goodness for the few normals I've found. Here's to hoping 2L provides me with a little bit of control over my own life. Note to people returning to law school after several years of having a career: I think the hardest thing for me right now is that I used to have a life where it was generally acknowledged that my time was worth something. I feel that law school is structured to strongly point out that my time is now worth nothing, and the school insists on making this point by forcing me to waste my time at their leisure. I'm paying for this privilege. Awesome

Despite what it sounds like, I'm actually enjoying my reading and classes. I like school. I also like the fact that I have a small goose-egg on my arm but absolutely no pain or bruises on my ass from Wednesday's fall (see "I couldn't have said it better: LSR No. Siete). I knew my fat ass would come in handy some day. That day has come (as has the end of this week). Halleluliah!

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