September 23, 2003

Back to my old ways

Just like the California Recall Election, I'm back on (as in back on my game of slack).

Contrary to my oh-so-informed opinion after too many glasses of wine and a fabulous pepper-sausage risotto, apparently I could not properly set my alarm. So, this morning I woke very rested, but 30 minutes too late to finish the commute to my first class on time. Ahhh... fabulous wine. It seems that I successfully set the alarm, but didn't bother to check the volume of the radio.

After missing the first class of the day, I made the commute to sit through an hour of class, and then prompty drove to E's work, enjoyed lunch with E and a coworker, drove home, and repeated my Tuesday nap ritual. I spent much more time commuting than in school today. Oh well. Such is life.

What's left for today? Well, I've got to finish some work on a website I contracted to fix. Then, I get to trudge through several chapters of fun, all about legal citations, in order to finish my LWR memo for tomorrow's class. I have tons of reading I could do, but I'll probably only get through what is absolutely required for tomorrow. Because, hey, all of a sudden, I'm not stressed again.

Oh, and for those of you who were wondering whether my who cares attitude is working for me? I think the answer is probably not. I have an appointment to go to Professor Together's office hours tomorrow because I seem to read all of the adverse possession cases in the opposite manner than she would like me to do so. When I wrote a very logical email explaining why my position seems to make sense to me, she replied with something along the lines of, "that's nice, dear. But a real lawyer has to be able to see both sides of all issues, and in particular, these issues. Please read the cases again (4th time?) and then come see me in office hours." Rad. It's awesome to realize that what seems blindingly obvious to me is exactly the opposite of what I'm supposed to see. This should be fun.

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