September 3, 2003

I couldn't have said it better

These comments, and the post that inspired them sum it up. With that, DG, Beanie, and Sue become my latest favorite compadres.

As the 3 amigos above indicated, the miniature gap army is quite disconcerting. Especially when it comes to overworking. Why, oh why, did you do your reading 12 times? And why did you brief EVERY case, even the 1/2 paragraph excerpts? And why, oh why, do you insist on complaining to everyone about how much work you are doing and how you are confused by "the implications of this issue when considered in light of (insert some random-ass obscure thing that the professor doesn't want to touch)"? And really, must you go down to the front of the lecture hall after EVERY lecture. I mean, yes, your gap clothes do look nice, even in front of a crowd. But do you really think the kiss ass thing is going to help? Huh? If you thought it would help, wouldn't you just go to office hours and do the dirty deed in anonymity?

Thankfully, I went to a 1.5 hour lunch with a chill new friend from my section and he and I talked about sports, drug use in sports, roommates, girlfriends, food, life, and how annoying some of the one-dimensional delusionals in our section can be. It made my day. The huge break in the day was well spent. Even better than when my life wasn't captured by law school and I wasn't afforded 1.5 hour breaks for lunch. Don't let anyone fool you. Law school isn't too much work, it's too much control over your life. I have to be at place X at noon and place Y at 2:10. That's generally too large of a break to take a normal lunch with any local normal people you may know. So, either lunch quickly and then try to cram in a ridiculously short amount of studying, or study the entire period and skip food (yeah right), or just sit around after eating and wait breathlessly until the next school-sanctioned activity begins, or make friends you can enjoy and commiserate with during the given time. Stockholm syndrome is not efficient. I HATE inefficiency.

Law School Rant No. Siete:

Today, I tripped while carrying my heavy-ass rolling bag, newspaper and another book not in the bag (note, both arms are full in this scenario) and fell down several stairs, basically bouncing down on my ass. But no one saw it. Although, I do have a nice goose-egg on my forearm. My rant is this: as someone who attempts to navigate school with a rolling bag, I have nothing but sympathy for and anger on behalf of any wheelchair-bound students, visitors, or faculty at my school. I think it would be almost impossible to navigate my schedule, on time, with the amount of books required, for anyone with a physical disability. Interesting how my own clumsiness can make me consider this, no?

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