August 12, 2003


My body let the virii take over, or at least, I've lost control of my nose and head. I can only hope the rest of my body will fight back and eventually reclaim the vessel.

Last night, I was hot, cold, and full of snot--sometimes all at the same time. So, I couldn't get in bed until 2 AM, and then I just tossed and turned until I removed myself from the bed for E's sake. I watched the rest of Primary Colors at 4 AM when I moved to the couch for good. At 7 AM, I woke again, incapable of sleep, and watched The Accused. I fell back asleep at 9:00, to wake at 10:00, and watch Some Like It Hot. This is not exactly what I had planned for my week of blissful freedom. I only get 3 netflix at a time. Not to mention that this is particularly devastating to my ideal work out schedule. You know, that week of working out would have magically been able to transform my body into a lean, mean, law student machine--envy of all in my section. But, now that I'm just not healthy enough to pull it off...well, I might as well give up and stick to my existing wardrobe and body type. Too bad, the awe-inspiring physique would have been fun.

All in all, I suppose it's not that bad. Sure, I feel like a**, but 3 movies in 24 hours is pretty indulgent. And, I did manage to clear a few chores off the list yesterday before the assault was in full effect. Given that I HATE being sick when I should be working, I guess if I had to be sick, this is the best option. So, today will consist of me trying to take care of more chores, which require physical effort, and realizing that I am just too weak to handle them. At that point, I will curl up on the couch with The Left Hand of Darkness and finally finish making my way through The SFRA Science Fiction Short Story Anthology. It's not a bad way to spend a day at all... hiding from chores and devouring brain candy in preparation for the weeks of substance I'll be reading very shortly. It's almost nice to have an excuse to put off the chores. Of course, I think I'd rather my nose stop dripping and my head stopped pounding, but I suppose I can pound liquids and vitamins in hope of that for tomorrow.

Wish me a speedy recovery, I may not be so cheery 'bout this whole thing tomorrow.

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