August 8, 2003

Things are warming up

IBM and Novell finally got annoyed, grabbed arms, and started retorting their own version of "Red Rover, Red Rover, let SCO come on over."

Another article has this snippet, and I couldn't agree more.

Unlike SCO, IBM has been very careful not to make inflammatory statements. So when IBM fires a broadside it is a very carefully prepared action, which will be very carefully executed," said Gary Barnett, principal consultant at Ovum. "If SCO is wrong, IBM is absolutely right to ask for compensation."

"IBM has more patents than anyone, and more money and more lawyers than SCO. SCO will be bled dry before it can make its case," he added.

SCO seems quite like the spoiled schoolyard brats who whine and threaten when they aren't getting their way, but really, they don't have much in the way of toughness, so it's all idle threats. Good thing IBM is on the side of the GPL, I would not want the players to be reversed.

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