August 15, 2003

The Next 5 Months

So, at the risk of being ridiculously wrong...I am going to go out on a limb and say,
"Woo Hoo!!!!"
"I am so in love with my school schedule."

14 hours of class:

Legal Writing and Research
Civ Pro

Yes, a big chunk of information to learn. But, 14 hours of class? And nothing before 9:40 AM? My schedule is so open to my own implementation. The possibilities have me giddy. I'm sure the reality will be less wonderful. But, for tonight, I'm ecstatic. Compared to the 65-70 hours per week I was putting in at the end of my internship this summer, going to law school seems like a fabulous idea.

update: I forgot Cotnracts. But it's still only 14 hours per week.

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