August 26, 2003

First of many misperceptions

So, the day with 2 hours of class, should, in theory be the easiest.

But what if the classes are early and you've gotten over the novelty of socratic classes. And, you have a problem with falling asleep in class. And, what if the day following the 2-hour class day you have many classes, so much of what appears to be your spare time for 2-hour day should actually be spent reading. Oh, and what if you assumed that after 2 hours of sleep-inducing class you could take a 2 hour lunch with a friend who works near school and follow it up with a leisurely walk down the embarcadero in the sun. (the sun, people. Perhaps you do not realize what a rarity a sunny and non-windy day is...) And then, what if, when you got home, you talked your love into going on a bike ride for an hour. And then of course, there was dinner, which you take quite seriously--you're not about to let anything distract you from good conversation and food for dinner.

Well, if all of the above things were true, you most certainly shouldn't be blogging right now. You have fallen into the oft-warned trap of not managing your time correctly. Duh... ain't school grand?

Tune in tomorrow for a full cast of characters. That's right, nick-named professors, obnoxious section-mates, comments on 2Ls and 3Ls, tricks to stay awake...

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