July 31, 2003

The bad guy does some good

For reasons relating to technical incompetence, their we-don't-give-a-f**k-about-you attitude, and of course, the infamous browsing with frames patent, I *hate* SBC.

Note: I don't use the term hate lightly. I'm harboring serious acrimonious feelings towards that organization

But now, I find myself in their cheering section. In fact, I may just become a fan. If they're willing to fight the good fight against the DMCA on constitutional grounds... I can probably forgive their previous sins. Of course, the forgiveness is contingent on the SBC IP team keeping their ridiculousness in check.

And, with a hard look at the previous sentence, I'm not certain I'm going to be the best IP lawyer. I'm all for using the law to defend technological rights that actually belong to you. But that's pretty much where it ends for me. I don't think the patent system should be a big land grab where every company should take everything it can get, regardless of whether they actually invented the technology. I'm certain that this viewpoint will be a problem with some of my future clients. Oh well, I can only hope that there will be enough unslimy work to keep me busy.

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