July 28, 2003

Found Stuff

So, I was meandering around the student blawg space and stumbled across a few things worthy of mention.

1. Dylan goes to law school is a new blog from a technophile 1L2B--seems that we are quite prevalent.
2. Law Meme makes fun of student's ridiculous note about Eldred v Ashcroft. Generally, I don't like name-calling. But in this case... preach on brotha man.
3. Undeniable dilemma, another technophile newcomer rambles about the importance and difficulty of living your life for you, your loves, your future, today, and what not
4. Waddling Thunder discusses the need for blog discretion in the face of a possible google-collision between reality and the blogosphere on the monitor of a future employer.
5. Jeremy recently touched on the google-collision concern, as well.

As for #4 and #5, I think I'm glad I chose to go with my original instinct about relative blog anonyminity. Often, I'm jealous, because it does feel cowardly to state my opinions behind the green curtain.

It's particularly frustrating to watch my words when I know that it is almost impossible to write biographic content without somehow giving up my anonyminity to people who know me well. And, to anyone who really wants to figure out who you are, there are never enough disguises. But, I guess it's my hope that by monitoring the identifying data that I post, I won't find myself in a situation in a few years where I'll be forced to chose between my audience, history, and the level of honesty that I've chosen. I'm sure many a 1st ammendment scholar would complain about my self-censure, but I tend to think self-censure isn't always a bad thing.

Not telling Layla that her new yellow dress makes her look significantly larger than the old outfit that she wore yesterday, for example. I find that type of self-censure to be an excellent use of judgement, and in general, just a good thing. (patting self on the back...)

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