July 6, 2003

Blogger's Editor Sucks

If you accidentally click the Posts tab instead of "Post" while using Mozilla, you will see a pop-up prompting, "would you like to delete all of your work?" I encourage you to click "Yes," since I just chose "No" and my work was lost to the ages. Perhaps no means yes and yes means no. If not, I stand by the title of this entry.

Other mentionable tidbits from this weekend:

  • Newark: 80 degrees, 100% humidity

  • Phoenix: 109 degrees, who cares about the humidity

  • Las Vegas: 101 degrees at 11 PM

  • I ask you, if you were a rich industrial capitalist, would you put a summer home in any of these locations? And yet, someone did and it was a gorgeous venue for a wedding. So, thanks be to silly industrial capitalists, or whoever it was!

  • At least 4 of E's friends have plans that include law school

  • E's friend, S, stayed sober long enough to give the best wedding toast I've ever heard (not a difficult bar to cross).

  • Word to the wise, don't start the evening with the hard stuff. S's girlfriend, L, started the hot summer night with martinis after playing tennis in the humidity and sun. She praised the skills of our waiter, Branco, as he brought her a new martini, without prompting, for every half of one she finished. I can only assume that she was not so impressed with him the next morning.

  • Literary/Historical Notes from Thomas Jefferson's writings--British and French pounds were separate units requiring conversion (go metric system), "it's" was actually the posessive of it, written french had some bizarre tenses, and various agreements were approached with the countries of Tuscany, Rome, Napoli, the two Sicilies, and Venice. Negotiating with multiple Italies? See the previous post...

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