July 2, 2003

All Prepped

The bags are packed. The red-eye will be boarded this evening. I should get some sleep tonight/this morning before work today before the flight tonight in order to appropriately enjoy myself. But, instead I'm writing uninteresting tidbits into the blogger editing panel. Huh, I wonder what that says about my desire to conform?

I've enjoyed the busy-ness of preparing for this trip--hotel and flight reservations, 1 long weekend shopping trip with E in the summer heat for the sake of finding the perfect attire, 1 tuxedo rented over the phone, 3 trips to the tailor, innumerable calls to Brooks Brothers (who handled their most recent sale and resulting increase in business horribly) for complaints and questions, two pieces of luggage packed, various toiletries, books and gadgets collected and stowed, and, of course, excitement over the prospect of meeting some of E's friends for the first time--I hope the actuality is even more enjoyable than the build-up.

Well, off to sleep goes I. Tomorrow should be a long exercise in stuffing the remaining bathroom necessities into the already bulging luggage, trying to focus on deposition summaries and patent evaluations, followed by lunch with co-workers, followed by still more attempted focus on the many assignments on my desk, and finally, freedom in the air, which will end the morning of the next day on the East Coast with me amongst people I've never met in order to celebrate a wedding on the 4th of July.

In a related vein: A clever male friend, who's a bit too young in the soul to consider marriage a desireable thing, pointed out the sadness of getting hitched on Independence Day. I laughed.

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